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"Lihpao Resort" is located in Houli, Taichung. It is the largest resort in Taiwan, covering an area of 200 hectares and very suitable for planning family multi-day travel that eating, drinking and having fun all at once.

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Lihpao Resort is the largest land and water park in Taiwan. Land Park-Discovery World is a dream and joy kingdom suitable for all ages. It has the world’s only broken-track roller coaster, "Save the Center of the Earth". 4G gravity acceleration and 360-degree track design challenge your sensory limit! There are also 32 diversified amusement facilities, whether you want to pursue exciting adventures or warmth and joy, Discovery World can satisfy all you need! Every weekend and long holidays, Discovery World transform into the most beautiful starlight park in Taiwan at night. In Moon Bay, there are also acclaimed and brilliant night music and dance shows. Finally, there will be bright fireworks at the finale. Look up colorful fireworks under the romantic night sky.

The largest water park in Taiwan-Mala Bay. There are as many as 11 water facilities in the park. The "Tsunami" is the largest artificial wave pool in Southeast Asia. Amidst the excitement of dongdonghey, it welcomes 2.4 meters high super violent waves, you can feel the turbulent waves without going to the beach. You can enjoy the coolness of playing in the water everywhere in Mara Bay!

The new landmark of Taiwan’s amusement attractions-"Sky Dream Ferris Wheel" is the largest in Taiwan, the top ten Ferris wheel in the world, and the tallest Ferris wheel in Taiwan. It has a diameter of 120 M and a total altitude of 384 M, which is approximately equivalent to Taipei 101 Building 88th floor. It offers an unobstructed view of the day and night scenery; you can see the Ferris wheel from important transportation facilities such as three national highways, THSR trains, and international airports. The Sky Dream Ferris wheel has a total of 60 carts, each with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and free charging stations. There is no need to worry about network instability when taking pictures and posting at high altitudes! The Sky Dream Ferris wheel is equipped with fast customs clearance, barrier-free lanes, tiltable seats in the carts, and direct wheelchair access. The five-hearted service, "hearted, caring, warm, safe and dedicated", has always been Lihpao Resort’s service purpose!

Address 42145 No.8, Fude Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City 421, Taiwan
Phone 04-2558-2459
Remark Normal Opening (Monday-Friday) 09:30-17:00
Late opening (Saturday, Sunday, July/August summer vacation and consecutive holidays) 09:30-20:00
(Mala Bay hours change from May to October each year. Please refer to official website for business hours during this period)


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