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Spanning 1.877 kilometers between the Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center and the Observation Tower of the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, the 7-minute direct cable car ride offers splendid views of Sun Moon Lake, as well as the surrounding moun

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Sun Moon Lake Ropeway connects Sun Moon Lake's Ita Thao and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. The cable car ride provides a 3-star Michelin lake view of Sun Moon Lake, where you can enjoy the breeze while being surrounded by the mountains.

Designed and built by Dopplemayr, an Austrian company, the ropeway system offers a 1,877-meter route connecting the Lake near Ita Thao and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village's Observation Tower. The 86 cabins come in red, yellow, blue and green, representing Sun, Moon, Lake and Forest, respectively. The green cabin is a crystal cabin with transparent floor, suitable for visitors looking for a thrill of excitement and tingling sensation at 142 meters above ground.

During the cable car ride, you can enjoy a bird eye's view of the famous Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi and Puli's basins and mountains, while overlooking Sun Moon Fountain, the inlet of Dazhu Lake, which is a miracle of the Sun Moon Lake cross-boundary water diversion project, as you fly over the Smiley Valley. The 10-minute journey brings you views of the Lake and mountains of Sun Moon Lake, geographic landscape and hydrology, as well as the wonders of the four seasons.

1. Operating Hours

Weekdays:10:30—16:00(Ticketing Hours:10:00—15:30)

Holidays:10:00—16:30(Ticketing Hours:09:30—16:00)

2.Operating hours may be extended to cater to large scale events (e.g. Sakura Festival), or adjusted due to weather conditions, power failure, system maintenance, etc. Changes in operating hours shall be subject to the announcement posted at the station or on the official website.

3.The first Wednesday of the month is the ropeway maintenance day, and the ropeway will be closed to the public. For annual major maintenance, additional closing dates shall be subject to the announcement. 

4.For further information and announcement, please visit Sun Moon Lake Ropeway official website:

Address No. 102, Chung-Cheng Rd., Yuchih Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone 049-2895361 #1706
Remark Operating Hours
Weekdays:10:30—16:00(Ticketing Hours:10:00—15:30)
Holidays:10:00—16:30(Ticketing Hours:09:30—16:00)
Free complaint phone:0800-001368


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